The Group of Advanced Electron Nanoscopy at ICN2 is offering the following opportunities related to technology transfer:

Generation of methods and models that will allow to improve the manufacturing of quantum nanomaterials down to the atomic scale:

GAe-N offers advanced characterization at the atomic scale of nanostructures for quantum applications using transmission electron microscopy and related spectroscopies. Analysis of the structure and chemical composition at the atomic scale and creation of 3D atomic models of the nanostructures. Analysis and modelling of the growth and relaxation mechanisms of the heterostructures studied. Use of 3D models to simulate the electronic and photonic properties of these materials and obtain the correlation of the structure with the physical properties obtained experimentally.

Atomic scale characterization of quantum materials and structures

GAe-N offers a detailed study of the growth mechanisms at the nanoscale, allowing an improvement of the growth conditions that will minimize the huge mismatch between heterostructures. They have expertise on nanowire-based technology (including nanowire-based quantum networks). In this way, atomic resolution analysis and 3D atomic modelling of the growth and relaxation mechanisms help to understand the grown hybrid heterostructures and help to optimize the growth parameters minimizing the mismatch between materials, allowing a perfect defect free epitaxy and improving the final quality of the devices.

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