We need you
CSIC needs you!

We seek a motivated individual to help us manage a consortium of top leading groups working on Quantum Information, Computation, Communication and other subfields of Quantum Science and Technologies.

Working at the CSIC campus in Serrano, Madrid, the manager will oversee the scientific, dissemination and technology transfer activities, helping us promote and coordinate our research effort and keep up with our three-year plan. The following text is a description of the upcoming opening (September). Due to time constraints, we request that interested candidates contact us as soon as possible to coordinate their application.

The role of the manager involves, among other tasks:

  • Help us with the design and monitoring of the scientific program, milestones and activities.
  • Coordinate the documentation and webpage of the project and the periodic reports.
  • Facilitate collaboration among existing groups, associated universities and companies. Seek new alliances and synergies within the Spanish and European ecosystem.
  • Help in the organization of dissemination, outreach and training activities, such as summer schools, hackathons, public conferences, and exploratory workshops.
  • Foster collaboration with industry, both with existing and new partners, through specific projects, joint ventures, application to open calls, etc.

The conditions of the position are as follows:

  • Three year FC3 type contract. This implies about 35k€ / year in 14 payments. This figure already discounts Social Security but not income tax (“IRPF”).
  • Candidate will incorporate as soon as possible after the call is resolved (about 1 month after publication in September).
  • It is required some experience in the field of quantum technologies, or a related area.

In order to comply with the call, candidates must satisfy some important conditions. It is recommended that you read a previous version of the call to familiarize with the procedure. Among the usual paperwork we highlight:

  • The candidate must have a degree and a PhD that can be homologated to the Spanish system. This requires some paperwork; please get in touch for the requirements.
  • A CV stating your experience in this or a related field.
    • Degrees, MsC or PhD
    • Scientific production (papers, conferences, etc).
    • Other experience (outreach, management, etc).