The Quantum Information and Foundations Group (QUINFOG) at IFF offers a one-year postdoctoral position (renewable for another year) funded by a Spanish national project in the field of theoretical quantum technologies, led by senior researchers Dr. Alejandro González-Tudela, Dr. Diego Porras and Dr. Juan José García-Ripoll. This is a position with an open profile for a theorist to join any of their research lines.

The candidate, starting as of the 1st of September of 2020, will be joining the group in any of the topics of interest in QUINFOG (quantum optics, quantum computing and quantum annealing, quantum simulation, computational methods in quantum physics). The ideal candidate is a talented theorist with the ambition to join a vibrant group and carry out research that is both scientifically exciting and connected to applications.

Additional information regarding specifics, salaries, application procedure and contact details is available in the group’s webpage.