The researchers Dr. Ramon Aguado (ICMM-CSIC) and Dr. Leo Kouwenhoven (Microsoft Quantum Lab Delft) have published an invited article of popular science in Physics Today titled “Majorana qubits for topological quantum computing“.

This work is aimed to the broader public. It explains comprehensively the principles and current state of the application of Majorana particle physics to the field of topological quantum computing.

At first, the reader is introduced plainly with the hypothetical Majorana particles and their analogy with collective excitations in superconductors. Along with it, a proposal to engineer Majoranas in semiconducting nanowires in contact with a superconductor is also presented.

There follows a comprehensive review of the physical underlying mechanisms and goals as well as a brief historical context of the field.

Finally, the reader is presented with an insight of the State-of-the-art, challenges and promising ongoing experimental research. The working principles of the so-called Majorana-based qubits are also introduced.

The article is Physics Today 73, 6, 44 (2020);