Our field

Quantum Science and Technology is an interdisciplinary research field that deals with physical models, experimental systems and technological applications that rely on purely quantum phenomena, such as entanglement, superposition or contextuality.

The Spanish Research Council (CSIC) and its research partners, acknowledge QST as an strategic research line. Thanks to their broad research spectrum, with over 10 centers devoted to different aspects of Atomic and Molecular Physics, Condensed Matter Physics, or Mathematics, CSIC and its associates are in an unique position to push the boundaries of QST, contributing to the second quantum revolution.

Our mission

This cluster represents an effort to integrate skills and experience from a variety of groups sharing a common vision in QST both from a fundamental as well as from a technological point of view.

The cluster aims at coordinating groups, increasing their visibility and research impact, fostering synergies and collaboration between long-standing contributors to QST as well as newcomers to the field.

This site also exists to increase public awareness about our work and our groups, identifying researchers, lines of investigation, particular skills and strategic capabilities.